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The Best of Six Minutes – Six Month Edition

Six MinutesSix Minutes entered the public speaking blogosphere six months ago.

Whether you discovered Six Minutes months ago or days ago, thank you for your readership.

Due to rapid subscriber growth lately, I’m going to mark the occasion by:

  • highlighting reader favorites;
  • summarizing the regular features; and
  • looking at future articles.

Favorites of Six Minutes Readers

These are the ten most frequently read articles:

  1. 25 Essential Presentation Skills for Public Speaking
  2. # Public Speaking Blogs: The Public Speaking Blogosphere
  3. Selecting a Speech Topic
  4. Evaluation Forms, Tools, and Resources
  5. How to Critique a Speech
  6. Speech Outline Examples
  7. Electrify Your Audience with a Shocking Speech Opening
  8. Speech Critique: Dick Hardt (the “Lessig Method” critique)
  9. Speech Critique: Steve Jobs (Stanford, 2005)
  10. Toastmasters Evaluation Contests

You can explore the rest of the best of Six Minutes in the article archive, including Haiku for Public Speakers and Speaking Survey says: Speaker DO’s and DON’Ts.

Popular Recurring Features

Speech Critiques

One of the original aims of this blog was to educate through speech critiques. i.e. highlight the best speakers, and show by detailed analysis why they are the best.

The first Six Minutes article was a critique of Dick Hardt’s Identity 2.0 presentation using the Lessig Method. Reviews of several other outstanding speakers followed, including Hans Rosling, Steve Jobs, and Al Gore.

You can peruse all speech critiques at a glance.

Book Reviews

From speech critiques, book reviews were a very natural evolution for Six Minutes. I’m an avid reader, and public speaking books are a regular companion. Bestsellers reviewed include Presentation Zen; Speak Like Churchill, Stand Like Lincoln; and The Story Factor.

You can discover all book reviews at a glance.

The Best Public Speaking Articles – Every Week

Public speaking weekend reviews were initiated on January 12, and have run every Saturday since. Each review surveys the best public speaking articles from throughout the public speaking blogosphere over the past week.

The Speech Analysis Series
Speech Preparation Series

Article Series

Two in-depth article series were featured in the past two months.

The Speech Analysis Series discusses the benefits of honing your speech analysis skills, and provides numerous techniques for doing so.

The Speech Preparation Series takes you through a 6-step process for speech preparation, and accompanies this with examples drawn from an inspirational competitive speech.

Plans for the Next Six Months

The response to Six Minutes has been tremendous, and I’m very excited to continue to bring public speaking advice, tips, and resources to you. Here’s what the next few months will bring:

  • Weekly Reviews Every Saturday
    Reader response has been very positive so far. I’ll continue to bring the best public speaking articles each week.
  • More Speech Critiques
    In addition to video critiques, I’m also planning articles to analyze text-only speeches with an emphasis on speechwriting and speech development. Which speakers or speeches should be analyzed? Suggestions always welcome.
  • More Book Reviews
    I have two books on the go, and another is in the mail. I’m always seeking additional public speaking and communications books to review. Suggestions or donations welcome.
  • New Article Series
    Additional in-depth article series are planned for the months ahead.
  • New Feature Articles
    What topics do you want Six Minutes to cover?

Thank You

If you subscribe to Six Minutes already, thank you for your readership, feedback, and comments. You have made this a better blog.

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