Public Speaking Blogs: The Definitive List

Public Speaking Blogosphere

The public speaking blogosphere: a large and varied space with fuzzy edges spanning many disciplines. There are public speaking blogs which focus on speech delivery, visual presentation design, speechwriting, humor, personal development, and interpersonal communication.

Public Speaking Bloggers: A Diverse Group

One is a world champion speaker; some speak professionally; others chronicle their first speaking steps. Many are authors – some more than once. Many are Toastmasters. Or were Toastmasters. Or recommend joining Toastmasters. Women and men. Young and old.

The only unanimous traits are (1) a passion for giving so that others may be educated and entertained, and (2) a way to subscribe to their articles with an easy subscription.

Learn from the Public Speaking Blogosphere

I compiled this snapshot of the public speaking blogosphere with three primary aims:

  • To aid readers in the discovery of excellent public speaking blogs;
  • To build ties within the community of bloggers;
  • To provide encouragement to current and future public speaking bloggers.

For each blog below, sample articles are linked to give a flavor of the blogger’s style.

Twitter List

You can find a comprehensive Twitter List containing all of the known Twitter accounts for these bloggers here: @6minutes/public-speaking-bloggers .

Help Keep This List Updated

If you know of a blog that should be added, or if one of the blogs listed below is no longer available, or if you have any other ideas for updating the list, please contact Six Minutes.


This blog has been recently active.This blog has been recently active.
This blog has been recently semi-active.This blog has been recently semi-active.
This blog has been dormant recently.This blog has been dormant recently.

118 Public Speaking Blogs

Lisa Braithwaite: Speak Schmeak
Twitter: @LisaBraithwaite
Lisa posts articles nearly every day, and she spreads words of encouragement through the public speaking blogosphere in article comments.
Example Articles
This blog has been recently active.
Bert Decker: Decker Blog
Twitter: @BertDecker
Bert is a well-respected communications coach and author. His blog regularly features communications commentary on political and current events.
Example Articles
This blog has been recently active.
Garr Reynolds: Presentation Zen
Twitter: @presentationzen
Presentation Zen may be the most well-known presentation skills blog thanks, in part, to the book of the same name (reviewed here). His articles tend to link presentation skills for speakers to design fundamentals in art, music, and other disciplines.
Example Articles
This blog has been recently active.
Nancy Duarte: Slide:ology
Twitter: @nancyduarte
Companion to the bestselling Slide:ology book (reviewed here). Nancy Duarte and other members of the Duarte Design team contribute regularly.
Example Articles
This blog has been recently active.
Ian Griffin: Professionally Speaking
Twitter: @cheshirelad
Ian's blog regularly features interviews with professional speakers as well as insights from his experiences with the National Speaking Association.
Example Articles
This blog has been recently active.
Nick R Thomas: A Public Speaker's Blog
Twitter: @NickRThomas
Nick's blog features real-life anecdotes taken from his professional speaking assignments, and every one includes at least one public speaking tip.
Example Articles
This blog has been recently active.
John Kinde: Humor Power
Twitter: @HumorPower
John's regular Observational Humor and Cartoon Caption series are anticipated reads every month. John is one of many on this list to offer an email newsletter in addition to his blog.
Example Articles
This blog has been recently active.
John Windsor: You Blog
Consistently emphasizes the importance of focussing on your audience.
Example Articles
This blog has been recently semi-active.
Richard Bretschneider: Presentations Roundtable
Twitter: @ricbret
Podcasts with industry experts.
Example Articles
This blog has been recently semi-active.
Troy Chollar: The PowerPoint Blog
Many how-to mini-tutorials.
Example Articles
This blog has been recently active.
Tom Antion: Great Public Speaking
Twitter: @TomAntion
Tom's blog is one of the oldest public speaking blogs, and focusses on platform tips and techniques for professional speakers. This blog is one part of his vast network of websites which drive people to his products.
Example Articles
This blog has been recently active.
Bronwyn Ritchie: Pivotal Public Speaking
Twitter: @bronwynr
Bronwyn primarily links to articles elsewhere, including her own (non-blog) site.
Example Articles
This blog has been recently active.
Sarah Marks: Ah, Um, Er... A Toastmaster's Blog
Twitter: @librarygurl
Focussed on the Toastmasters Educational program. Includes an innovative set of podcasts. (Something I'd love to see from other bloggers in this sphere.)
Example Articles
This blog has been recently active.
Tim Wilson: Public Speaking Library
Daily bite-sized articles of a few sentences each.
Example Articles
This blog has been recently active.
Max Atkinson
Twitter: @maxatkinson
Self-description: "Jottings on public speaking, presentation, conversation, and anything else that occurs to me about communication."
Example Articles
This blog has been recently active.
Kate Peters: Kate's Voice
Twitter: @k8peters
As her blog title suggests, Kate writes about voice qualities and vocal delivery.
Example Articles
This blog has been recently active.
Barbara Kite: Great Speakers and Acting Skills
Twitter: @bmklena
Emphasizes the importance of acting skills for public speakers.
Example Articles
This blog has been recently active.
Art of Speaking
Primarily a directory of public speaking articles and links to presentation videos.
Example Articles
This blog has been dormant recently.
Jay Heinrichs: It Figures
All about figures of speech.
Example Articles
This blog has been dormant recently.
Speaking Life
Mostly in English, but includes some Mandarin.
Example Articles
This blog has been dormant recently.

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  1. Andrew, this is an amazing blog list! I’ve got my work cut out for me now trying to read all the new ones I hadn’t heard of before. And I’m the heaviest poster on the list? Wonder what that says about me. . . I have no life? Let’s go with “I’m a giver!”

    Thanks for posting this; I’m going to link to it in the next few days.

  2. Gavin Meikle says:

    Thanks for the mention Andrew and for collating all these fantastic resources. I am a Toastmaster with Solent Speakers down here on the South coast of England.

    keep up the great work!
    Gavin Meikle

  3. Andrew, Bravo to you! What a wonderful service you’ve created. I’m utterly speechless! I hope that everyone who is looking for public speaking tips and info finds your Blog List! Great job! You’ve listed some of my favorites and lots more to check out. Thank you!

  4. Jason says:

    Hi Andrew. Thanks very much for the mention in your post. I seem to be in very good company. I’m already familiar with some of the other speaking bloggers, but now I have plenty more to discover. The two unanimous traits that you’ve hightlighted are quite interesting.

    Although I trackbacked to your post, I wanted to just pop along and say “hi”.

    Thanks for a very interesting post.
    Jason, Pro Humorist

  5. Eric says:

    Hey Andrew, I am honoured to be in the list of like-minded bloggers. I am also really excited about visiting their blogs and learning from them. Keep up the great work and stay in touch!

  6. Pete Ryckman says:

    Great work, Andrew! You’ve created the first map of a new world. We all owe you a debt of gratitude. I’m delighted to be included in this august list; I’ve been at it for just six weeks. Plenty of clicks ahead for me as I surf The Andrew List.
    All the best, Pete Ryckman

  7. Hi Andrew,
    Thank you so much for including Nick R Thomas – A Public Speaker’s Blog in a list with so many presentation skills bloggers whose work I have admired for a long time and others who I had not even heard of before . A great start to the year!

  8. Andrew, great list of resources. Thanks a million for taking the time to put it together. Please consider adding my Authenticity Rules blog to your list:

    Here are a few example posts:

    Who You Got in the Room?

    Buy Yourself 15 Minutes of Attention

    Your Role Determines Your Effectiveness


  9. John Windsor says:

    Awesome job, Andrew! What a terrific resource. Thanks for putting this together.

    Best regards,

  10. John Spaith says:

    Andrew – thanks for putting this list together. When I wrote my “dealing with the uninteresting manual” I didn’t think it was the most interesting post, but based on comments & links I’ve got shows what I know.


  11. Andrew says:

    Thanks for all the kind words, and thank you to all who have helped spread the word about this list.

    In response to the comment from Rhett Laubach and an email from Craig Strachan, the list has increased to 72. You’ll find both of their blogs in the General Public Speaking Blogs: 1-2 posts/week category. The OPML file has also been updated.

    Keep the suggestions coming in…

  12. Jef Menguin says:

    Great compilation. Thank you for putting together all of these blogs.


  13. Ian says:

    Hey Andrew!

    Amazing resource. Well done. This goes right to the head of my bookmarks. And the RSS feed-in-one is a great tool.


  14. Kia says:

    Wow.. Andrew!
    I love this page a lot! You really did a thorough research in the web about public speaking huh…
    I always wanted to search for public speaking blogs and now you have done it! Wow, Wow, Wow….
    You are the BEST!


  15. Wayne Botha says:

    Awesome list. Thanks for compiling this. Glad to see Laura’s blog ( included.

    You can add my blog to this list – “Make your point with Pow’R – dedicated to drastically improving PowerPoint Presentations – (


  16. Can I add my site?
    would be grateful.

  17. I’ll bookmark this! Thank you.

    Can you add my blog?

  18. Andrew says:

    Wayne, Jeremy, Marilyn… 73, 74, 75. Thanks for building the list.

  19. Wonderful post: so informative and motivational as well. I am still shaking down my new site and blog focused on using writing to feel better, be better, and do better. Now I am all inspired to keep moving ahead and shaking it down so I can join this wonderful site.

    And thanks to Ian for posting about your site–that’s how I found you.

    Speak on; blog on!


  20. John Watkis says:

    Hi Andrew,

    It’s unbelievable that you took the time to find AND sort all of the blogs on your list. Fantastic job!

    Please add my blog, “Successful Speeches Blog” to your list. The link is

    Thanks again,

    John Watkis

  21. Andrew says:

    Thanks, John. The list is now 77.

  22. Jef Menguin says:

    Once again, thank you.

    I visited some of these blogs. I am inspired to write more.

  23. Andrew says:

    I’m glad to hear it, Jef. I’m delighted that progress is being made toward Aim#3: “To provide encouragement to current and future public speaking bloggers.” I look forward to reading your inspired writings.

  24. Paul Gibler says:

    Thanks so much for putting this useful list together and for including my blog PPT – Powerful Presentation Techniques among the blogs that were referenced. I’ve compiled a reference list of articles, books, web sites and blogs related to PowerPoint and Presentation skills that your readers might find interesting. It is in its sixth revision and can be found at

  25. Hi Andrew,

    Just had a quick look down the list and saw my face! thanks for including me in your list. I appreciate it!


  26. Glenn says:

    Excellent. I’m adding a link to this post in our West Austin (TX) discussion forum.

    Thanks for doing this.

  27. Dmitri Vnukov, Maxim Sadovsky says:

    We were glad to find this resource. A lot of substantial things 🙂
    We have also started a blog about business presentations – It provides English and Russian scripts and video subtitles for the presentations of English-speaking guru. It might be useful for people who are not native English speakers. Could you please add it to your list?

  28. Terry Gault says:

    I think you’ve got a terrific blog and would love to see you add our blog to your list:

    My name is Terry Gault and I am based in the San Francisco Bay Area. I’ve been helping clients in the field of public speaking and communication skills for over a decade now, both through online media – our blog, on forums, etc. – and through my professional career with the Henderson Group.

    The Henderson Group specializes in coaching, training and consulting in the arena of public speaking and communication skills. At the Henderson Group, I oversee delivery of all services, all curriculum, as well as selection and training of all facilitators. Clients include Oracle, GE, Wells Fargo, Visa, Charles Schwab, and eBay.

    I look forward to an ongoing conversation.

  29. Mark Tamer says:

    Don’t forget me!
    Thank you!

  30. I am very appreciative of Public Speaking Blogshere as an excellent site for newbie and professional Speakers. The wealth of information share is helpful and useful if you are really serious about being a public speaker.

  31. Andrew,

    I just created a new LinkedIN group specifically for Public Speaking Bloggers. This gives all of us who blog on this topic a chance to network. You can join the group at this link.

    I have a new post on my blog that includes liks to several LinkedIN groups related to public speaking.

  32. Andrew Dlugan says:

    FYI: Here is the article in which Barry mentions LinkedIn groups for speakers.

  33. Lee Potts says:

    Hi Andrew,

    Great idea!

    I was wondering if you might be willing to add my new site to the list. It called Breaking Murphy’s Law ( and it’s about preventing and dealing with all the things that can go wrong when you’re presenting (or when you provide support for a presenter).


  34. Hi Andrew,
    Wow! Thanks for taking the time to compile this. Would you consider adding my blog for science and technology professionals “-Art of Speaking Science
    Also, I’ll soon be joining the Quick and Dirty Tips gang as the “People Skills Pro” –coming end of June, 2008
    Thanks for all the effort you put into this list! I’ll blog about it.

  35. Olivia says:

    I’m a presentation trainer and have just taken the plunge into blogging at My focus is on business presentations and I’ll be covering design of content and visuals, presentation delivery, confidence and audience management.

  36. Andrew Dlugan says:

    Lee, Lisa, Olivia and 10 others bring the list to 106 public speaking blogs.

  37. Hi Andrew

    It was partially from reading this list when it was still 27 public speaking blogs that I started my blog!

    I blog (and speak, and write and train..) on authentic and intelligent communication skills. The blog is mainly about presentations (with analysis of online presentations) with books and posts about real and smart communication (as opposed to fake and dumb).

    I’d love to be part of your list!

    GREAT work

    Andrew (another one!)

  38. Andrew Dlugan says:

    Andrew: That’s wonderful to hear. You are fulfilling one of the primary aims of this list: “To encourage current and future public speaking bloggers.”

  39. Hi Andrew,
    Thanks for compiling this amazing list and resource. Your recently picked up one of my articles for your weekly round up. Thanks!

    I’d love you to consider adding my blog, Professionally Speaking, to this impressive list. I blog on all things to do with business presentations at:


  40. Josh Holmes says:

    Andrew – Great list! I’ve been blogging a lot more recently about public speaking recently ( As a former ToastMaster (too much going on recently to stay involved), I’m trying to raise the level of the speakers at the community events that happen in the mid-west.

  41. Matt Bailey says:

    It’s great to see there is lots of advice out there for public speaking. A great art to master! I used to get the sweaty palms and shaking but after presenting every week in Dale Carnegie’s course, it doesn’t seem to happen anymore. I recommend practicing in anyway you can to get rid of that nervousness. Once that is gone, it is easier to concentrate on bringing excitement into your tone to attract your audience to what you are saying.

  42. Rajagopalan says:

    Hello everyone, I am looking forward to reading something on how to prepare a Toast Speech – not just the Wedding/Best man stuff, but something to honour say, Toastmasters itself ! any blogs that i might have missed out??


  43. Chuckypita says:

    Gosh, I have to say – this is one of the most impressive public speaking blogs I’ve ever seen.

    Thank you for the continuous education!

  44. Trilok says:

    it very good for our perfossional life

  45. Thanks for compiling these great resources! Readers may also be interested in my blog, WholeSpeak. I provide a holistic perspective on public speaking, with tips on how we “perform” in everyday life and how to make it more authentic and enjoyable.

  46. Andrew,
    A great resource. Just a quick note to say I appreciate you taking the time to put this together.


  47. This is a terrific list. Well done!

    I just started a blog which I would appreciate your adding to the list: My company, Green Room Speakers focuses especially on nonprofits and teaches people how to use stories to connect with any audience.

  48. Tony Ramos says:

    Andrew: kudos on a tremendous and ongoing accomplishment! Tweeted:
    If you would consider including my blog, I’d be grateful. Thanks!

  49. Travis Dahle says:

    Thanks for this list – I was able to find a lot of people on Twitter to follow for communication stuff!
    Great job!

  50. Hello Andrew
    Your website & twitter posts are great. I’m a big fan. I’m also a twitterer (wendycherwinski) blogger (podium) & fellow Canadian. I’d be honoured to see my blog added to your list & would be happy to send you a pic. You can see my blog on my website at

    Best regards

  51. allen lu says:

    Great! Thank you very much!

  52. Anonymous says:


    A great blog and a great post. Thanks for introducing other speakers to the masses. You are providing a much-needed service. Thank you.

  53. Keith Davis says:

    Fantastic resource Andrew… must have taken some effort.
    I’m working my way through your list to find a few hidden gems.
    My New Year’s resolution?
    To get on your list, even if only at the bottom LOL

  54. Great list! I’ve posted a link to you on my blog of vintage public speaking articles from Dale Carnegie.

  55. Nick says:

    Thanks for this long list of public speaking sites. It is a skill I think everyone should develop. The world would be a better place if we all could communicate better.

  56. Leonard Hall says:

    top list! just what i was looking for… thanks Andrew!

  57. Emily F. says:

    Great stuff — I visited many of these straight away! Definitely bookmark-worthy.

  58. Duane Smith says:

    Wonderful article.

    I failed the first grade because I could not read. I failed algebra five times. I failed English in the tenth grade. I graduated high school with a 1.9gpa on probation for bad behavior. I failed out of three different community colleges…the first class I failed was public speaking. But not I am a public speaking professor. Life is funny!

  59. Wow! What a great list you have here. Most of the public speaking blogs you mentioned here, I have never heard of. Great work

  60. Chris says:

    Thanks for the list! They are all going on my Twitter!

  61. Amazing blog list! It has taken me an age to look through them all but i have learned a heck of a lot along the way. Thanks for this!

  62. Brent Adrian says:

    Solid collection of public speaking sites with a variety of approaches.

  63. Jim Harvey says:


    Hello. I love the blog and I’ve subscribed. I’m a speechwriter and consultant specialising in the consulting and sales areas of business and my blog is at if you feel it might be worthy of inclusion here.


    Jim Harvey

  64. Pete says:

    I had not considered Handouts before but I can see the value in them. The audience has already had time to absorb the information on the topic that you are going to speak about.
    Thanks for the tip.

  65. Ted says:

    Thanks for providing us with all of these great blogs to use as a resource. I took a public speaking class in college but it’s been so long that I get so nervous again, like before I took the class. I will read through as many of these blogs as I can until I feel prepared for my speech. Thanks again!

  66. Wonderful, thank you for the list it has saved me a lot of searching the net 🙂

  67. Don’t forget my public speaking blog

  68. Andrew

    Hi Andrew

    Well done on pulling together such an extensive list of blogs. I look forward to reading them all.

    Can I ask you to please add to your list?

    Based in Dublin, The Reluctant Speakers Club was created to help people lose their fear of the podium and become confident speakers. We hope you enjoy our articles and welcome all comments & questions.

  69. Andrew

    Just to add a little more detail to my comments about our blog at , you can also find us on Twitter (@TheReluctantSC)and Facebook (

    Recent articles include:
    1. Why public speakers shouldn’t seek perfection.
    2. Use storytelling to enthrall audiences like Steve Jobs.
    3. Why ‘Positivity’ gives a speaker more credibility.

  70. Hi Andrew,
    Love your website. such good content and information.

    Would you consider to add my public speaking blog to your list above.


  71. Mike Jousan says:

    Hi Andrew, thanks for taking the time to build this great list! This should keep me busy for weeks!

    Would you be interested in adding my new public speaking blog?


  72. WOW! I can honestly say that this list is very extensive and helpful. I appreciate what you have done. This helps me to possibly network also with other experts in the field of public speaking. Thanks again!

  73. Leon says:

    This is a great list. I like the fact that you indicate which blogs are active/inactive. That’s a great help on the ever changing and out-of-date Internet.

  74. Peter Watts says:

    Hi Andrew

    Thanks for putting together this list. Great to see so many friends on it already, and inspiring to see how many potential new ones are out there.

    Could I forward you my own blog for possible inclusion. Blog number 119 perhaps?

    Be great to be included

  75. Great effort Andrew. Many of these are favorites of mine too. Can you add our blog at Londoncorinthians toastmasters? at We provide our members insights into all kinds of areas of public speaking, many of our authors have over 20 years experience in the field.
    Many thanks

  76. Nikki says:

    AWESOME list. I’ve found a lot of useful websites to frequent. Thanks for taking the time to compile them all. Doing research to find the best blogs in my own niche was VERY time-consuming, so I want you to know I appreciate your time.

    Also, if you don’t mind, I’d like to add one more to your list. The blog at is full of helpful advice for presenters in academia and business. The blog posts vary from Powerpoint tips to public speaking advice. Really good stuff for your audience. 🙂

  77. Hi Andrew,
    You certainly put in a lot of work to do that list. Well done. It is very useful. Thank you. Tatiana

  78. Wow! Thanks for this comprehensive list. BTW, Nick Morgan’s Twitter is in fact

  79. Shalu Dewan says:

    Amazing talent, wish I could utilize this to nurture the kids. If anybody interested to teach Public Speaking

  80. Great list. Thank you so much.

  81. Julie says:

    Thanks for putting that great list together, Andrew. Would you consider adding this one:

  82. Linda Soules says:

    Hi Andrew,

    What an amazing comprehensive list! I appreciate the work it must have taken to compile, and I hope to be privileged enough to be added to the list at some point. I’ve recently launched my new site,, which currently includes articles and tips to help aspiring public speakers, and new resources will be added in the near future. Thanks again for all of your work on this. I look forward to reviewing the rest of the site and many of the others!

  83. Darrel says:

    What a list!
    For those just getting their feet wet in speaking, nonprofit is inexpensive and has clubs across the globe.

  84. Dan Leyes says:


    As always, I am awed by your work in creating this list. I would be honored to have my blog included. It is called “Speaking in the Semiosphere” and can be found at

    Thank you and keep up the great work!

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