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Who is Responsible for This Site?

Six Minutes is a public speaking website created by me (Andrew Dlugan). I am the founder, owner, editor-in-chief, designer, and the author of many of the articles. (A full list of authors is available.)

I also pay the bill for the domain registration (, web hosting, and all other costs necessary to make this website possible.

Six Minutes represents thousands of hours of my time. There are people who think I am crazy for devoting my time to this site. So, why do I do it?

  1. To teach. It gives me great pleasure to share the knowledge that I have to help others become more confident and more effective public speakers. Thousands of Six Minutes readers follow the articles from all continents and corners of the globe.
  2. To learn. I have always believed that one of the best ways to learn something well is to teach it to others. (I tutored other students in high school. I taught physics and computer science labs in university.) By researching, writing, and editing articles, I am deepening my own knowledge and expertise.

Six Minutes is a labor of love that allows me to combine two areas of expertise that I really enjoy: public speaking and web development.

Is Anyone Else Involved?

Six Minutes encourages the submission of high-quality, original articles from guest authors. When doing so, no form of compensation exchanges hands in either direction.

Links from Six Minutes

The majority of Six Minutes articles link out to relevant resources on other websites. In particular, the public speaking blogs list and the weekend reviews are almost entirely comprised of links to other public speaking websites.

The number of outbound links (from Six Minutes to other websites) far exceeds the number of inbound links (from those websites to Six Minutes).

Outbound links are added to articles solely to enhance the educational value for Six Minutes readers at the discretion of the article author.

No compensation of any form is received for linking to other websites. Further, no “reciprocal link” agreements (e.g. “you link to my site and I will link to yours”) are made with any other website owners.

Product Reviews or Product Mentions

The purpose of product reviews or product mentions is to expose Six Minutes readers to relevant products which may make them better public speakers.

Six Minutes accepts free products (e.g. books) for the purpose of assessing the quality of the product and, possibly, for writing a review about the product.

No other compensation is received for any product review or product mention.

Review articles are solely based on the personal opinion of the article author.

  • We only accept products related to the topics written about on this website.
  • We do not guarantee that a review will be published in exchange for the free product.
  • If a review is published, we do not guarantee that the review will be positive.
  • If a review is published, we do not guarantee to do so by a given date.
  • When a free product has been received for a review published, the review article will disclose this.

Practically, what does this mean for book reviews?

  • Some of the books reviewed were purchased by me.
    Some of the books reviewed were sent to me by publishers or authors.
  • Some books sent to me do not result in a review. Reasons for this include:
    • The book does not, in my opinion, merit a review or recommendation.
    • The book offers little content that cannot be found in previously reviewed books.
    • The book is not closely related to the topics discussed on this website.
    • Due to time constraints, the book has not (yet) been read.


A very small amount of compensation is generated by this website which is used to offset the direct costs of running it (e.g. domain name registration; web hosting).

Compensation received will never influence the article topics or content for this website.

1. Advertising

Some pages on Six Minutes include advertising from third party ad networks (e.g. Google Adsense). When readers click on these ads, a small payment (e.g. usually a few cents per click) is received.

These advertisements are clearly identified (e.g. “Ads by Google”) and are generally displayed in the article sidebar or footer. Six Minutes has no relationship to the individual products and services which are advertised, unless specifically disclosed.

Six Minutes does not accept any form of advertising to influence the choice of topics we write about, or the content of the articles themselves.

2. Affiliate Links

Some pages on Six Minutes include links to products available at online retailers (e.g. When a reader makes a purchase after clicking on one of these links, a small commission from the online retailer (e.g. less than a dollar on most books) is received.

These links are provided as a convenience for readers to:

  • Learn more about products and services related to public speaking
  • Make it simple to purchase the product
  • Grow their knowledge and skills

Examples of these types of links can be found on these articles:

Why Disclose Any of This?

This page is my effort to be honest and up front about my motivations for writing articles and maintaining this website and to eliminate any “grey area” speculation about monetary influences.

I have attempted to go above and beyond the FTC guidelines for bloggers.

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