Training Course: Speechwriting and Public Speaking for Executives

Training Course Overview

Managers are called upon to speak with many stakeholders: employees, peers, superiors, customers, vendors, and investors. Key decisions that affect the success of the company or the growth of one’s career often hinge on the effectiveness of one speech.

Despite the critical nature of this skill, most managers receive little or no training in speechwriting or public speaking. This is evident every time a speech is given with an incoherent message, confusing language and visuals, boring delivery, and no connection with the audience.

This course is a tremendous opportunity for you to transform your speechwriting and public speaking skills. By improving this key skill, your speeches will be more memorable, your ideas will be adopted more often, you will be seen as a leader, your network will expand, and your career will grow.

You Will Learn…

After attending this training course, you will be able to:

  • Analyze your audience, and select your core message appropriately
  • Organize and write your speech so that it is understandable
  • Employ clear language which is meaningful to your audience
  • Connect with your audience through storytelling
  • Understand the benefits of appropriate visual communication
  • Design visuals which clearly convey key points to your audience
  • Enhance your speech with dynamic delivery
  • Identify the key habits which lead to long-term growth as a speaker

Target Audience

Business executives and other professionals who want to charge up their leadership skills through better communication.

Course Length

2 days

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