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Public Speaking Articles: Week in Review [2008-04-12]

Week In ReviewEvery Saturday, we survey the best public speaking articles from throughout the public speaking blogosphere.

Topics featured this week include:

  • the connection between presentation skills and career advancement;
  • speech openings and transitions;
  • speechwriting and preparation techniques; and
  • three articles related to Al Gore.

Six Minutes

Week in Review: Six Minutes

One article was featured on Six Minutes this week:

Week in Review: Public Speaking Blogosphere

Public Speaking Blogs

These are the best public speaking articles from the past week:

Al Gore Connected Articles

Indexed - Falling in Love

And to close…

For speech inspiration, here’s an index card gem from Jessica Hagy.

Use contrasts in your speeches. Contrasts, as we see here between “falling in love” and “marriage of convenience,” are a classic speechwriting element. You can use contrasting concepts as the base for your speech, or you can use contrast as an effective technique to make your points clearer to the audience.

Jessica’s book Indexed is an inexpensive, but rich source of speech inspiration.

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