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Gifts for Every Speaker… from Zero to Eighty Dollars

Stocking Stuffers for Special SpeakersThe holiday season is a time of renewing traditions: parties with friends, family, and colleagues; decorating the house, inside and out; and making wishlists and shopping for the items on the lists of those you love.

On Six Minutes, we have a holiday tradition too: a holiday list of gift ideas for speakers, whether that recipient is you, or someone special in your life. In this article, we list speaker gift ideas ranging from tiny stocking stuffers to more tantalizing items. Whether you are a professional speaker or whether speaking is a new hobby, there’s something for everyone.

This year’s list is organized by price, so you can find the best fit for your personal budget. You’ll find a wide range of practical and indulgent gift ideas:

  • index cards to cue your memory;
  • whiteboard and flip chart supplies;
  • a mini-tripod for your rehearsal video camera;
  • USB drives and laptop bags for presenting on the go;
  • presentation remotes;
  • speeches on DVD;
  • a selection of books;
  • and much, much more.

Please share your gift ideas in the comments!


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Under $10

For just a few dollars, you reap the benefit of always being prepared. Index cards help you organize your notes, while markers ensure that you can sketch out your ideas when the need arises. If presenting to a new audience, it makes sense to email your presentation to the event organizer, but you’ll always want to have a spare copy on your own USB drive just in case.

Under $20

For less than twenty bucks, you can fetch a wide array of public speaking books to boost your speechwriting, storytelling, or visual communication skills.

Under $80

From twenty to eighty dollars, you step into the realm of the serious speaker. A portable flip chart can provide a place for marketing or in-session doodles. A portable lectern keeps your notes always at an easy glance. Speech anthologies help you hone your craft.  Voice recorders and video cameras let you record your presentation and, more importantly, provide invaluable feedback.








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  1. Marcie says:

    Thanks for this list. I especially love the books! One thing that could be adding is one hour of time to help someone better their presentation. That price can range from 0 to whatever your regular consultation fee is. But the service provided will be invaluable.

  2. Joe Lalonde says:

    Great list. Enjoyed seeing ideas I would never have imagined.

  3. Andrew:

    Another great post! You inspired me to blog on November 29th about some more free gifts:
    ChangeThis manifestoes, the ACA Open Knowledge Guide, and access to both NSA Speaker and Toastmaster magazines.


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