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Stocking Stuffers and
Gifts for Every Speaker

Stocking Stuffers for Special SpeakersThe holiday season is a time of renewing traditions: parties with friends, family, and colleagues; decorating the house, inside and out; and making wishlists and shopping for the items on the lists of those you love.

On Six Minutes, we have a holiday tradition too: a holiday list of gift ideas for speakers, whether that recipient is you, or someone special in your life. In this article, we list speaker gift ideas ranging from tiny stocking stuffers to more tantalizing items. Whether you are a professional speaker or whether speaking is a new hobby, there’s something for everyone.

More Gift Ideas for Speakers

This year’s list is organized by price, so you can find the best fit for your personal budget. You’ll find a wide range of practical and indulgent gift ideas:

  • index cards to cue your memory;
  • whiteboard and flip chart supplies;
  • a mini-tripod for your rehearsal video camera;
  • USB drives and laptop bags for presenting on the go;
  • presentation remotes;
  • speech anthologies and speeches on DVD;
  • and much, much more.

Please share your gift ideas in the comments!


Some say that “nothing in life is free.” Others argue that “the best things in life are free.” I like the latter opinion.

Item Value
FREE Subscription to Six Minutes Priceless! Please pass this on to your friends and colleagues so they can join our community and receive Six Minutes articles in 2013 and beyond.
FREE Unsolicited speech feedback Surprise the speaker at the next event you attend by giving them a thorough and supportive speech critique. Many speakers crave deep feedback, and will be very surprised.

$5 or less

These may be inexpensive items, but they can really save the day if you have them in your “speaker’s emergency kit”.

Item Value
$1.88 Mini-tripod for video/digital camera Stabilize your video camera to record yourself speaking — an invaluable rehearsal habit.
$3.61 Index Cards, Color Coded, 3″x5″, 100
Organize your notes.
$2.40 Red Laser Pointer, 5mW Highlight your visuals.
$5.00 Green Laser Pointer, 5mW Contrasting highlighting color; could be used by dual presenters.
$4.52 Video adapter plug The example priced/shown is DVI-to-VGA, but you may need a different one. The idea is to be prepared so that your laptop/tablet always connects to the projector/monitor where you are speaking, or vice versa.This problem occurred just a month ago to me, and I was saved by an adapter plug from a colleague.

Under $10

As with the “$5 or less” group, these items are inexpensive. If all goes as expected, you won’t need most of these… but experienced speakers know that it rarely goes as expected.

Item Value
$8.50 Flip Chart Markers, 8-pack, assorted colors Always be prepared to draw out your thoughts for your audience.
$7.88 Dry Erase Marker Set (4 markers, eraser, cleaner) It’s okay to use most dry erase markers on a flip chart, but if you use flip chart markers on a whiteboard, you’ll be sorry.
It’s best to have some of each to be safe.
$7.48 8 GB Flash Drive Always take a copy of your presentation on a flash drive as plan B. You never know when plan A might falter…
$6.49 Pocket pointer, extendable to 24.5″  Point out details on your visuals while standing aside so your audience can easily see.
$7.45 Rory’s Story Cubes Party game with value for speakers to practice your impromptu speech and storytelling skills.I’d love to try this game out.
$8.94 “Hand” pointers, set of three Marketed for children, but I think it’s a great way to add some humor to your presentation as an ice breaker.
$9.96 Wireless presentation remote with laser pointer Unchain yourself from your laptop when presenting.

Under $20

For less than twenty bucks, you can pick up a copy of most public speaking books, and a few other items to take on your travels.

Item Value
$11.37 Dry Erase Board, Magnetic, 11″x14″ Personal brainstorming, or going visual in a sit-down, small-group session.
$18.24 Laptop Case Carry your laptop and ALL your speaking accessories: markers, notes, handouts, business cards, etc.
$19.31 Resonate, by Nancy Duarte Best speaking book which I read in 2012. Outstanding value. (Read our review)
$20 or less Other great books we’ve reviewed Most of the other books we have reviewed are less than $20 as well. Which book can you soak up this winter?

Under $50

These aren’t for casual speakers, but will pay for themselves many times over if you are a regular speaker.

Item Value
$26.99 The Greatest Speeches of All-Time, DVD Box Set 44 great speeches which changed history. Perfect for yourself, your classroom, or your club.
$29.40 Lend Me Your Ears: Great Speeches in History, by William Safire  I purchased this last Christmas for myself. At 1168 pages, I love the weight of this book in my hands. Both reference book and inspiration for writing speeches.Every serious speaker needs a speech anthology.
$34.99 Lightweight Flip Chart Presentation Easel You can’t count on a flip chart always being available at your next speaking gig. Bring your own as a backup.
$37.15 Wireless presentation remote, Logitech Break free from your laptop with the top-selling presentation remote.
$49.99 (or less)  Six-month membership to most Toastmasters clubs. Find a club! Conquer your speaking fears, get regular practice, and work on your skills in a safe environment.

Under $100

Higher price points brings electronics… and a drooling Six Minutes editor.

Item Value
$52.74 Portable Lectern, 4 feet high Holding your notes in your hand is awkward… free your hands for gesturing.
$51.19 Sony Digital Voice Recorder Top-selling digital voice recorder. Record your rehearsals or live speeches. Playback for feedback on vocal quality, filler words, clarity, and audience reaction.
$56.08 USB Studio Microphone If you host webinars or record desktop tutorials, or plan to do so in 2013, you’ll need a good microphone.I’d like to upgrade to this one.
$94.95 Sony Video Camera, 4 hour capacity Regular video feedback is one of the best habits you can develop.

Ideas from @6minutes followers on Twitter…

Thanks for additional ideas from everyone who replied on Twitter, including these kind souls:




How about you?

Please share your gift ideas in the comments.

What speaking-related items are you hoping to unwrap this holiday season?

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  1. Eddie says:

    Andrew, I guess you mentioned everything I had in my mind except nice warm socks and hot tea (So I can write my blog/speeches in a cozy room with a fireplace – Canada’s winter eh?)

  2. Anne Groetsch says:

    How about John Maxwell’s book:

    The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth

    $24.99 Available this month Dec 5th.

    1. Andrew Dlugan says:

      It’s only $16.20 on Amazon right now.

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