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Six Minutes is Back

Six MinutesSix Minutes is back.

Well, almost. After an extended absence due to a busy spring and summer, career shifts, medical journeys, and many other things, Six Minutes will be returning to publish regular articles again soon. We’ve got a number of articles going through final review, and we’ll be publishing them in the days and weeks to come.

In the meantime, you may wish to explore our article archive with hundreds of public speaking articles written over the past four years.

On a Personal Note

Thank you to all of you who have contacted Six Minutes┬áduring the publishing hiatus. It was humbling to hear that Six Minutes continues to be a helpful resource to so many speakers around the world. I regret that I haven’t been able to respond to everyone, but I’ll hopefully be able to make amends in the weeks and months to come.

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  1. John Zimmer says:

    Great to have you back, Andrew. We missed you in the public speaking blogosphere.


  2. Glad you’re back, Andrew!

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