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Six Minutes is dedicated to helping you become a confident and effective speaker.

One way to realize this goal is to offer not just one opinion from one person, but many opinions from many in the larger public speaking community. Last week’s article on using improv to boost your speaking confidence from guest author Leon van der Walt is a great example.

In this light, I invite you to write an article for Six Minutes.

A Celebration of Unique Perspectives

Some of the guest authors we’ve heard from in the past year include:

In the last 12 months, we’ve also heard from speaking experts such as Nick Morgan, Kathy Reiffenstein, Stephanie Scotti, Linda Wu, Simon Bucknall, and Jane Atkinson.

You Could be Next!

Yes… you! Regardless of your public speaking background, you have a unique perspective.

  • Are you a corporate, political, or freelance speechwriter?
  • Do you teach public speaking in high school or college?
  • Do you conduct PowerPoint tutorials at your workplace?
  • Are you a professional speaker with wisdom to share?
  • Or a novice with a unique perspective?
  • Do you have an educational background in communications or forensics?
  • Are you a blogger looking to share with a large audience?

Would you like to share your expertise with thousands of readers around the globe from all walks of life?

It’s Easy to Get Started

  1. Read more about writing an article for Six Minutes.
  2. Then, contact me with an article outline.

I look forward to hearing from you. I am confident that your unique perspective will enrich Six Minutes for everyone.

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