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How to Stop Saying Um, Uh, and Other Filler Words (Flashback Friday #6)

On Fridays, we dip into the article archive and emerge with one of the most memorable articles. We’ll dust it off, shine a light on it, and consider it from a new perspective.

Today’s Flashback Article

This week, we’re headed back to December 2011, when we provided strategies to those seeking how to reduce “um”s and other filler words, from their speaking vocabulary.

The article (like many on Six Minutes) was prompted by a question from a reader:

I teach a college speech class. The most common struggle my students have is the use of filler words such as um and uh. Do you have a strategy that helps to omit filler words?

Long ago, I worried that a single “um” would ruin my credibility, and this worrying probably made me utter more filler words. I’m wiser now. I still strive to reduce them, but I don’t kill myself over it. Audiences forgive me if my content is great.

Read the article, and let me know whether you agree:


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  1. Bharathan says:

    Hi andrew ,
    Using a filler sound is looks odd, but using few filler words may give style to presentation while it on before crowd. is it not?

  2. shan says:

    Hey Andrew,
    having read the article “reduce um’s and other filler words” , it reminded me of a friend who suggested……….
    I could train my brain to think i am using filler words which actually i am not…when speaking

    Is this possible??

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