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Techniques to Open and Close Your Speech (Flashback Friday #32)

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Today’s Flashback Article

Start Your Speech by Diving InThis week, we’re double dipping back to October 2009 to explore how to start your speech and end your speech to maximize your impact.

Many speakers pour all of their creative energy into honing the body of their speech. This is understandable, since the speech body covers the vast majority of your presentation’s time. But this habit neglects two of the most important parts of any presentation: the start and the end!

This week’s flashback articles are both from guest author Peter Jeff. What I love most about both articles is that they quickly rule out the conventional (and boring) opening (“I’m pleased to be here today…”) and closing (“Thank you for your attention…”). Instead, you are treated to a smorgasbord of more attractive techniques to create impact. With this advice, your speech will be memorable from your first word to your last.

Read the two articles, and share your insights about starting and ending your speech:

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