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Best Public Speaking Articles: Weekly Review [2008-08-23]

Week In ReviewEvery Saturday, we survey the best public speaking articles from throughout the public speaking blogosphere.

Topics featured this week include:

  • speechwriting;
  • speech organization;
  • storytelling advice;
  • speech openings;
  • a new PowerPoint addon, pptPlex;
  • engaging the audience;
  • and more.

Six Minutes

Week in Review: Six Minutes

The feature article this week continued the Toastmasters Speech Series:

Although this article series adopts the framework of the introductory Toastmasters manual, the advice applies to all speakers looking to hone their craft.

Public Speaking Blogs

Week in Review: Public Speaking Blogosphere


  1. Keep it simple.
  2. Openings and closings are very important.
  3. Be mindful of your story’s spine.
  4. Make sure not to alienate your audience.
  5. Tell the truth.

I can assure you that Jim and Sally and Sandy find this opening incredibly interesting because it is about them. They are riveted to the presentation because it doesn’t seem like a so-called formal presentation. It is personal and about them, therefore it is about the most interesting subject in the world to them.

A story which is relatively simple and predictable is less likely
to strike it rich as a signature story. And a story which belongs
to someone else will never make YOU famous. You want to work for the original and compelling stories which have substantial real life drama.

Visual Aids

  • There is much buzz this week surrounding pptPlex, a PowerPoint addon from Microsoft Office Labs which adds a canvas to slideshows from which you can zoom in and out at multiple levels. Check out An Overview of pptPlex and other pptPlex videos.

Speaker Habits

  1. Open with the audience’s questions.
  2. Let the audience see itself.
  3. Create an electronic handout.

Toastmasters Articles

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  1. locspoc says:

    nice, i’m going to check out the link to “finding your signature story” cheers

  2. Mike Donlan says:

    This is a great idea. No more searching for good speaking articles.

    Thank you.

  3. Thanks for these great links, Andrew. Denise’s post finally put me over the edge and I ordered myself a Flip video camera. My camcorder is just too unwieldy most of the time; I’m going to give the Flip a shot and start recording my audience!