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32 Reasons a PowerPoint Slide Deck is Nothing Like a Bra

PowerPoint is NOT a BraEditor’s Note: Comedian Adam Lawrence recently compiled the Top 10 Reasons a PowerPoint Slide Deck is Just Like a Bra.

To prop up the debate a bit, I invited a colleague with a little more first-hand experience with both technologies to provide support to the counter-argument.

Thanks to her, here are 32 reasons a PowerPoint slide deck is nothing like a bra.

  1. I wear a bra every day, but could do without daily PowerPoint.
  2. Personally, I think most other women would benefit more from a bra than PowerPoint too.
  3. You can’t buy a PowerPoint slide deck off the shelf.
  4. There’s no such thing as a Push-up PowerPoint deck.
  5. There’s no such thing as a Miracle PowerPoint deck, not even from Nancy Duarte or Garr Reynolds.
  6. You can’t improve a bra with tips from Six Minutes, but you can improve a slide deck.
  7. You can’t give away your slide deck to someone who would fit it better.

    Nobody ever asks for a copy of my bra after a meeting.

  8. Bras don’t have annoying transition effects like “window blinds“, “newsflash”, and “fade out”.
  9. Bras don’t have annoying sound effects.
  10. It’s never a surprise when someone pulls out a PowerPoint slide deck in a business meeting.
  11. People will fall asleep in front of a PowerPoint slide deck.
  12. No one anticipates the Victoria’s Secret PowerPoint catalog.
  13. A bra works perfectly even if there’s no projector, screen, or laptop in the room.
  14. Nobody ever asks for a copy of my bra after a meeting.
  15. A PowerPoint slide deck is completely useless when exercising, while a bra is only somewhat useless.
  16. You can’t craft a bra to suit your purpose.

    Your employer will likely issue you a standard slide deck in corporate colors.

  17. Bras might be persuasive or motivational, but are rarely educational.
  18. The Rule of Thirds says a slide contains four “power points”;
    human anatomy says a bra contains two “power points”.
  19. Death by PowerPoint is an overused cliche.
    Death by Bra is not (yet).
  20. 40 point bold text on a slide deck is acceptable.
    On bras? Not so much.
  21. Only one Nobel Peace Prize winner uses PowerPoint, but nine wear bras. (An inconvenient truth or fiction?)Nine women have won the Nobel Peace Prize
  22. You can’t use the same slide deck all day long, day after day.
  23. Slide decks don’t transition well from day to evening.
  24. Teenagers know how to use bras, but adults still have trouble with PowerPoint.
  25. Your mom will usually buy your first bra for you.
  26. With bras, only teen-aged girls pad them with useless fluff.

    Bras might be persuasive or motivational, but are rarely educational.

  27. It’s socially acceptable for men to use a slide deck, as long as it’s a good one.
  28. PowerPoint slides look best when projected on a flat surface.
  29. Guy Kawasaki has no 10-20-30 rule for bras.
  30. Establishments that outlaw bras are labeled “trashy.”
    Companies that outlaw PowerPoint are labeled “forward-thinking.”
  31. Your employer will likely issue you a standard slide deck in corporate colors.
  32. A laser pointer rarely accompanies a bra.

Can You Add One?

What differences did we miss? Or maybe you’ve got a similarity to add to the debate?

Send in your suggestions, or add them in the comments.

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Comments icon8 Comments

  1. Colin McL says:

    Perhaps two further thoughts –
    * You may be very proud of both, but for the most part we just don’t wan’t to see ’em
    * Powerpoint is is ‘An Over Your Shoulder Folder Holder’, full of things that mostly only you need.

  2. Thanks for the comeback!

    My favourite: “Bras might be persuasive or motivational, but are rarely educational.”

    But I have another for you. Powerpoint is like a bra because…
    with a little practice, you can operate one handed.

  3. D says:

    Most men know how to undo a bra with one hand but not a PowerPoint presentation.

  4. THIO says:

    When a PowerPoint freezes, one has the option of rebooting…

  5. Liu says:

    It’s funny! I hve tranlated your log into chinese,

  6. Alex says:

    Well, after reading both lists I prefer yours. It’s way more funnier and to the point.

  7. Mel says:

    I use Powerpoint more than bras, personally (and ironically, usually wear the damn bras for things like…giving talks…which also involve ppt!). So as far as I’m concerned, they’re both occasional necessary evils.

    But it’s not the best analogy, and your list is much funnier.

  8. Lefty says:

    Nobody ever blamed a bra for causing a space shuttle disaster.

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