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Six Minutes

All articles appearing on Six Minutes are copyrighted.

The policies below are aimed to strike a balance between maximizing the number of people who benefit from Six Minutes content while at the same time protecting our intellectual property rights. By following these policies, you keep Six Minutes free. Thank you for your cooperation.

Without Permission – Web/Electronic Distribution

You are free to do the following without my permission on your website or electronic document (e.g. PDF, email, PowerPoint file, e-book, etc.):

  • Link to the Six Minutes homepage.
  • Link to any specific Six Minutes article or other page.
  • Quote a short article excerpt (150 words or less) which must be accompanied by a link back to the original article on Six Minutes.
    See this weekend review article for an example of this technique, which we use to link to quality articles on other websites.

Without Permission – Printed Distribution

You are free to do the following without my permission:

  • Print any article, and distribute photocopies to members of your club, organization, class, or company, as long as you provide source attribution.

We don’t require consent for this type of use because we encourage teachers, professors, and trainers to freely incorporate Six Minutes content into their lesson plans, without the delays imposed by a formal consent request. If your class is tomorrow and you want to print Six Minutes articles for your class, you can! Note that if your class has a website, blog, or other electronic communication, you must follow the policy above.

Although you do not require prior consent, please let me know you are doing this by sharing which articles you are printing, and how you are using them (e.g. in your classroom). This helps us publish high quality articles that are useful to you in the future.

Republishing Articles (English)

Six Minutes articles may NOT be republished in English on any other website, or in any electronic document (e.g. PDF, email, PowerPoint file, e-book, etc.).

Sites found to be violating copyright will be pursued with legal action.

If you want to share Six Minutes articles with readers of your blog or newsletter, just link back to the original article, possibly with a short article excerpt (as mentioned above).

Republishing Articles (Translated)

You must have my express written consent prior to publishing translated articles on your non-English website. Contact me with your request.

When this permission is granted, the following conditions apply:

  1. You are responsible for the quality of the translation effort. Permission to translate and republish articles will be revoked if the translation quality is deemed poor.
  2. You are legally responsible for articles that are translated and published on your website.
  3. The article must be translated in its entirety.
  4. All links in the original article must be preserved exactly.
  5. Only articles written by Andrew Dlugan may be translated and published.
  6. The following attribution statement must be published alongside each article, in English and the translation language.
    • “[Original Article Title]” shall be replaced by the original article title, and must link back to the original article URL.
    • “[translator attribution]” shall be replaced by the identity of the person (or organization) who translated the article.

This article was written by Andrew Dlugan and originally published in English on Six Minutes under the following name: [Original Article Title]. It was translated by [translator attribution].

Other Uses

If you have some use for Six Minutes content not covered here (e.g. inclusion in your book), please contact me.

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