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Six Minutes is a public speaking and presentation skills website.

We offer regular feature articles on speech writing, delivery techniques, PowerPoint and visuals, and speaker habits. In these articles, you will find tips, insights, and strategies which help you become a confident and effective speaker.

In addition, we also also deliver special features including:

We feature articles by a diverse set of communication experts, with decades of speaking experience around the world. Their unique expertise and perspective will help you achieve your speaking goals.

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About Me

I’m Andrew Dlugan, and I’m the founder of Six Minutes.

I am passionate about the power of effective communication. I have two decades of communications experience: teaching courses, delivering keynotes and seminars, coaching speakers, and emceeing events. I am an award-winning public speaker and speech evaluator. I have been a Toastmasters member since 2005; you can read more about my Toastmasters accomplishments here.

I have bachelor’s degrees in both engineering and computer science. Earlier in my career, I devoted nine years to cancer research and medical imaging. More recently, I am involved with satellite data analysis, aviation, and web technologies.

When I’m not solving engineering problems, speaking to an audience, or working on Six Minutes, I enjoy reading, traveling, photography, woodworking, and spending time with my family.

I am happily married, and we have one daughter. We live just outside Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

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About This Website — sixminutes.dlugan.com

Six Minutes is built on the WordPress platform. The original theme was MistyLook, but it has been substantially rewritten and customized over the years. I designed the look and feel, and also wrote custom software to enhance the usability of the site.

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