Training Course: Powerful PowerPoint Presentations

Training Course Overview

You are expected to present with PowerPoint at team meetings, project reviews, customer meetings, and countless other occasions. Unfortunately, you have never received any training in how to create effective presentations, and nearly all presentations you have ever attended were poorly designed.

So, your audience begins tuning out by the fourth slide. By slide eight, their eyes are sore and they begin tapping on their smartphone. By slide 15, they are dreading even showing up to your presentation.

Sound familiar?
Ready to improve your presentation skills through training?
Your career depends on it.

This interactive course will show how your presentations can be made clearer, more interesting, and more effective.

You Will Learn…

As a participant in this training course, you will learn:

  • The psychology behind visual communication
    • Avoiding sensory overload
    • The negative effects of reading your slides
    • Proper ways to complement your message visually
  • A series of practical, easy-to-implement design principles for creating PowerPoint presentations, including:
    • Text: How big? How much is okay?
    • Charts: What kind is best? How to draw attention to the key values?
    • Photographs & Diagrams: When to use them? What to avoid?
    • Layout & Design: Whitespace, the rule of thirds, balance, consistency
  • How to take existing slides and transform them based on these principles
  • How to approach brand new PowerPoint presentations

Note: This course is not a guide for using slide software (e.g. PowerPoint, Keynote). The emphasis is on slide content and design, not which keystrokes or mouse clicks make it happen.

Target Audience

Executives and other business professionals whose success depends on presenting persuasively using slides without boring their audience to death.

Course Length

Typical length of program: half-day, full day, or two days

This training course can be customized to your needs in terms of both content and length.

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