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Toastmasters: Please Share Your Story


October 22, 2009 is the 85th anniversary of Toastmasters International.

Since that first meeting in the basement of the YMCA in California, hundreds of thousands of people around the world have become more effective communicators, more effective leaders, and more effective citizens.

Are you one of them? Please share your story!

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Six Minutes is looking for personal stories of success through Toastmasters. We’ll compile the best responses and feature them in a future article.

Question: How has Toastmasters made a difference in your life?

Maybe your career was boosted by superior presentation skills? Maybe your extra confidence helped you achieve your goals? Maybe your relationships improved thanks to better communication?

Please share your story, whether it be short or long, personal or public. Include your name, location, and (if relevant) your occupation.

Update: Responses have been compiled here.

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  1. nick morgan says:

    Toastmasters is a great organization — a wonderful way for speakers to get experiences, practice, and confidence without spending a lot of money. Congratulations to a great idea going strong on its 85th anniversary.

  2. Bryan Senter says:

    Work, Certification Courses, Contest Season… I was starting to feel overwhelmed. I found relief in Goal Setting. I was working on my presentation of “Goal Setting and Planning” from the Leader Excellence Series when I decided to apply the ideas to my personal goals.

    I laid them out: Toastmasters, Work, School. Just writing down the goals with dates made me feel better. Adding a plan of what I needed to do to achieve them left me with a surprisingly calm feeling. Everything is under control. I have a plan!

    I think the most important thing that came from this was directing myself, not at the end goal which can seem unnattainable, but at the interim milestone. Hey – that doesn’t look so tough. One milestone at a time still leads to the end goal. Well, at least that’s my plan.

    I had expectations when I came into Toastmasters. I expected to become a better speaker and a better overall communicator. I even bought into the opportunities to improve my leadership skills. But what caught me by surprise was the personal growth. I owe thanks to Toastmasters and to my District Governor, John Lesko, for the nudge in the right direction!

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