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You Can Learn to Present Like Steve Jobs

Present like Steve JobsWhen Steve Jobs speaks, people listen.


  • Does he use cutting-edge software to generate his slides?
  • Does he hire the most expensive speech writers?
  • Does he perform complex techniques that are beyond the reach of any other speaker?

No. You can easily learn these techniques and present like Steve Jobs.

In this video from, communications coach Carmine Gallo provides an insightful synopsis of the methods that Steve Jobs uses to captivate his audience.

Summary of Speaking Tips

  • Set the Theme
    • Make your theme clear and consistent
    • Create a headline that sets the direction for your meeting
  • Provide the Outline
    • Open and close each section with a clear transition
    • Make is easy for your listeners to follow your story
  • Demonstrate Enthusiasm
    • Wow your audience
  • Sell an Experience
    • Make numbers and statistics meaningful
    • Analogies help connect the dots for your audience
  • Make it Visual
    • Paint a simple picture that doesn’t overwhelm
  • Give ’em a Show
    • Identify your memorable moment and build up to it
    • Give your audience an added bonus to walk away with
  • Rehearse, Rehearse, Rehearse
    • Spend the time to rehearse

More from Carmine Gallo

If you enjoyed this analysis by Carmine Gallo, you may be interested in the Six Minutes review of his book: Fire Them Up! where he analyzes many other great business communicators.

More about Steve Jobs Speaking Style

For further analysis of Steve Jobs’ speaking techniques, check out the speech critique of his Stanford commencement address. He demonstrates his strength in a different speaking style.

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  1. An excellent post with regards to Project 3. Nobody does it better than Steve. As always great post.

  2. Hi – it’s just occurred to me as I read the opening paragraph of this post that I’m not sure I agree with you. Steve Jobs DOES use cutting edge software.

    Okay, I know, that’s not the point and I’m tongue-in-cheek but it did make me think about how superior Keynote is, compared to PowerPoint.
    For example, for a big, long presentation I find the slide-coming-next thing to be an absolute God-send! 🙂


    1. Andrew Dlugan says:

      Although you are commenting tongue-in-cheek, my main point is that the software he uses has very little to do with the quality of his presentation. Further, the software he uses is widely available to any of us.
      His techniques and preparation are what set Steve Jobs apart the most.

  3. Jason Peck says:

    I like this post, thanks a lot for doing it. What’s quite interesting is that there are some basic structural qualities to how you would prepare a speech if you were a member of Toastmasters. And then there are the elements like Jobs’ techniques and preparation that are his own.
    Thanks a lot Andrew.

  4. Bogdan Bocse says:

    Steve Jobs is so successful in his speeches mainly because he’s enthusiastic about what he’s doing and what he’s talking about.

    If the baseline enthusiasm about what you’re talking about is lacking, all the note-taking and the rehearsing in the world won’t make you Steve Jobs.

  5. Ralph says:

    Great article!
    Honestly, I think Steve Jobs was one of the best public speakers in the world. In fact, his (sales) pitches might be even better.
    I analyzed Steve Jobs’ pitching skills and found 8 things we can learn from him. It would be an honor if you could give your opinion on this. 

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