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Flip Charts 101: How to Use Flip Charts Effectively (Flashback Friday #8)

On Fridays, we dip into the article archive and emerge with one of the most memorable articles. We’ll dust it off, shine a light on it, and consider it from a new perspective.

Today’s Flashback Article

Rescue the flip chart from the dark corner of the roomThis week, we’re headed back to January 2013, where we learned the primary benefits of using flip charts, and gave 17 practical, easy-to-apply tips for using them in your presentations.

The reader response to this article exceeded my own expectations. I worried perhaps that readers would ignore the “low-tech solution”, opting instead for the latest buzz-generating tool. Instead, I routinely hear from readers who have “rediscovered” the flip chart.

I, too, have started using the flip chart more often since writing this article. I use a flip chart to write out the solutions to training exercises while my students are working on them. I keep the flip chart turned away from the audience, and I copy the “answers” to the flip chart page. When the time is up, I swivel the flip chart around, revealing the answer. I suppose I could just as easily do this on a slide, but this way I’m able to leave the answers visible when I return to my slides.

Read the article, and let me know if you have additional tips:


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