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How to Choose and Use Speech Props: A Speaker’s Guide (Flashback Friday #33)

On Fridays, we dip into the Six Minutes article archive in search of one of the most memorable articles. We’ll dust it off, shine a light on it, and consider it from a new perspective.

Today’s Flashback Article

This week, we’re reaching back to August 2013 to learn how to choose and use speech props effectively.

The heroes of today’s flashback article are an unlikely pair: Microsoft founder Bill Gates and a swarm of mosquitos. (I’ll bet that’s a sentence you never thought you’d read!) Using one of the most memorable speech props of all time, Bill Gates unleashed a jar of mosquitos on his TED audience. Not only was it was directly related to his core message (fighting Malaria), but it was humorous, unexpected, and entirely memorable.

You can be the hero of your next speech by incorporating a speech prop which your audience will always remember. This article covers the six benefits of speech props, shares advice for choosing the perfect prop, and then gives practical tips for using it effectively during your speech.

Read the full article, and share your insights about using speech props:


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