Which College Textbook for Public Speaking is Best?

Have you taken a college course in public speaking?

Have you taught a college course in public speaking?

Which textbook did you use, and would you recommend it?

I’m interested to hear all your recommendations, the good and the bad.

In particular, perhaps you can help out a Six Minutes subscriber from Switzerland who teaches public speaking and writes:

Have you ever taught public speaking to college students? If so, do you have a recommended book? I am using a book right now (Hogan et. al, Public Speaking and Civic Engagement) that I am 50% happy with, but find the focus too American. My class is full of international, mixed-culture kids and they can’t relate to all the U.S. references.  I have used Lucas [Ed. The Art of Public Speaking?], you probably know his work, but find it too practical oriented and not academically very challenging. So I am searching for a “global public speaking” book. Any recommendations?

If we get a number of responses, I’ll compile them together in a future article.

Your responses can go here in the comments. Thank you!

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